How to solve nslookup shows unknown for the default DNS server

when i built the Domain Controller with DNS role, i got the unknown default server result when using nslookup

Even the other organization machines in the domain use this server as a DNS server, nslookup still shown the same issue.

After a little investigation i found that, it`s not a critical issue Even under this error your DNS resolution can work smoothly, It means that there is no reverse DNS name for the DNS server IP address, which in most cases may not be a problem at all.

I found a solution says turning on the IPv6 on the NIC will solve this issue, but i don’t want to turn on IPv6, i just want the fix it in IPv4 protocol.

To fix this you need to properly configure the reverse zone for the IP address of the DNS server, and make sure that the reverse zone is properly delegated to the server by your IP provider.

So the problem is the “Reverse Lookup Zone”, the DNS server did not create a related “Reverse Lookup Zone” automatically, you should create it manually by yourself 

OK, found the root cause and let’s fix it

Right click on Reverse Lookup Zone, click on New Zone

Create a Primary Zone

Type in your “Network ID” which is your network subnet

Select the Reverse lookup zone, now you got the right name, next

do ipconfig \flushdns and check

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  1. A DNS Server is not a default Gateway, although it resolves the domains(like into IP address.