Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express wont auto stop extraction.

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  • Breville Barista Express wont auto stop extraction.
  • Breville Barista Express - Flow meter pin

I had an issue previously with my Breville BES870XL machines not automatically stopping the extraction when pressing the 1 or 2 cup buttons.

the main issue caused by a loose connection.

Breville Barista Express – Flow meter pin

The connector used on the flow meter in these machines are not what they should have been, which sometimes results in loose connections.

When this happens, the machine keeps dispensing water – even though you reset and/or re-program the one & two cup buttons.

Because the root cause is a loose connection, the error can come and go.

Remove the back of the machine

1 Unplug

2 Remove water & coffee container

3 Remove the 5 screws visible behind the water container (back)

4 Remove the 2 screws holding the top (front):

5 Remove top plate – gently, there is a wire

6 Gently remove screw cover with 2 hobby knives & remove the screw:

7 Remove the 2 screws below holding back-cover:

8 Remove back cover. It is held by 6 clips, 3 each side:

9 Remove connector from the flow meter:

10 Gently using a pin or similar, pop out the spring-connectors one spring at the time whilst pulling gently on the cable. ‘Expand’ the spring a little and pop it back in to make sure they grip the pin better

11 Reconnect the flow meter and reassemble.


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